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Everything Did will handle your hair, so that you will have more time and flexibility to get everything else in your life done. Our stylists will finger coil your hair or palm roll your locks in the comfort of your home. Let EverythingDid give your hair the attention it demands, while you get the break you deserve.






Everything Did aims to bring the salon to your home. The mobile app gives busy people a method to maintain their schedule of multitasking in the comfort of their home. The platform is both aims to aid hairstylist and customers. Connecting contracted hairstylist to customers, in their area based on expertise allows the company to optimize the experience of customers. 


Company: Everything Did

Duration: 5 months

Role: Freelancer (Sole Designer)

Boss: Drew Williams (CEO)



Users In Context

This build was made directly from observing and documenting user behavior. This niche demographic has a unique set of frustrations and gripes about their current salon experience. How do we bring the salon to this group of users while providing them with a better experience?

Everything Did user matrix

How Everything Did works


Selected Features

Pilot Screens



What went wrong

No project goes smoothly. This project had some interesting surprises. One of the major learning experiences and points of emphasis for my career came during this project. We were happy with the feedback we were getting from users and were ready to move on to our second iteration. On one of our last user testing sessions, a participant asked what if a hairdresser was allergic to their pet, what would happen? This was a scenario we hadn’t prepared for. We began to restructure our background questionnaire to not only prepare hairdressers for the environment they were going into but things they might encounter in that environment.

Selected Features

Selected Features icons 3

Transparent Payments

Payments are estimated based on chosen style and distance. There’s no guesswork into what you’re getting. Paying up front allows stylist the security of being paid for their services and the flexibility for users to cancel at any time.


Stylist Matching

Stylists are chosen based on your location, hairstyle, home environment and product requested. Your experience is personalized and tailored to your hair.

Product Request

Product request ensures your hair maintains its luster and its strength through each experience. Product personalization leaves the focus on the treatment.

Final Screens


Tools Used

Tools used


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