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Hi, I’m Jason. I’m a Lead product designer who designs for financial inclusion and economic empowerment.


@ Square, I lead product design for debit/credit card and trust experiences. As of recent my work has been focused on unifying experiences centered on fraud, account security and authentication. In the past my expertise has been on in onboarding, user growth and retention methods.
Currently living and working in San Francisco, California. Outside of work I run a non profit project called Off the Margins – using design to raise money for social good. Curious to hear more about my work? Looking to raise money for a cause? Contact me


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I design…

…to make money easier

@ Earnest

#1 Leader in student loan refinancing. Here I lead product design for both lending products and experimentation design. Check it out!

Earnest Mobile header image

@ RaiseMe

RaiseMe is a platform that is reimagining financial aid and changing the way students receive scholarships. I had the opportunity to design partner dashboards, referral strategies, and a dark mode iOS theme.

@ Edquity

I created a new onboarding experience for our personal finance management tool and budgeting features to make management simple. Check it out

…to make things for people easier


@ Salesforce

During the summer of 2018, I joined the Ignite Team at Salesforce, specifically as an Innovation Design helping to bring some design concepts about the Future of Retail to life. Check it out

…to get people paid

@ Everything Did

Led design for an on-demand haircare app. Designed initial onboarding flow and in-app background questionnaire to process new customers. Check it out

@ Prepay Today

Created Onboarding flow to sign up new contractors and facilitate profile set up for those affected by COVID-19.

I design…

…to teach others

For onboarding for my new direct report, I thought about the assumptions we as managers make about the hats someone is expected to where or how they are expected to show up in their role and we could do a better job communicating that. I created these two decks setting expectations about these things.

Product Designer Role + Hats

For new designers, we often don’t discuss the hats you’re expected to wear while being embedded in a product team: conversation facilitator, product maker, problem solver, and presenter.

Product Designer Role + Hats

Product Design Problem Solving

How do you go about problem-solving, what are the questions you ask yourself when presented with a new feature request or initiative?

Product Designer Problem Solving

Writings, Musings & Notes


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Oct 21,2021


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Mar 20, 2021

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