Master’s Thesis Project

Duration: Septemeber 2018 – May 2019

Thesis Advisor: Steve Turbeck ( Global Head of Design @ Goldman Sachs)

Entering my second year as a graduate student I decided to focus my senior thesis on homelessness. This is epidemic is not a tech issue but more of a connectivity issue. Connectivity to affordable housing, health services, resources etc. I wanted to make a tool for people in the community who needed access to financial and emotional support the most. This project initially started out as a blockchain project crowdsourcing money but quickly ballooned into a relationship builder as well. 


The idea: Village, is a platform built on the principle of collective impact, using a community crowdsource financial and emotional support to people in temporary housing.


I’ve somehow recruited the Managing Director of Design at Goldman Sachs to be my thesis advisor. Stay tuned for prototypes and check out my midway presentation below. 



My Thesis Journey


Thesis Midway Deck

To the right is the presentation I gave to my coworkers and thesis advisor based on my research and designs, midway through my second year.


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